Panic Alert’s

A Panic Alert may be initiated by any user who has been authorized by the administrator to download the IFollow Safety App.Included in the Alert transmission:

  • Transmitted direct to Administrator(s)
  • User Real-time Video
  • User Location(minimizes chance of false alerts)
  • User Profile
  • Real-time communication between user & administrator

Administrative Hub

An End to End cloud based Eco-System which incorporates a Control Center Admin compatible with any web browser or Smartphone platform. Here, the system administrator will receive and analyze all real-time data transmitted from the user(s), and take appropriate action as the situation unfolds.The Control Hub retains all details including video, user profile and location, which may be used as evidence at a later date.

Mass Notification

Should the system administrators, at their discretion, determine that details of a given Panic Alert warrant it’s details to be broadcast to all users, they may do so directly from the iFollow Control center.Mass Notifications may be transmitted to either all users of the app via an app notification, or vis SMS to all users within the administrator account , even when the iFollow app isn’t installed.There is an available option to add an image or video from their device library.

When is it applicable to Broadcast a Panic Alert?

  • A Panic Alert may be deployed by the user anytime they see fit
  • Ideal option for Schools, Universities, Workplace, Residential Communities, and any situation in which breaches in security might arise.
  • The user should immediately contact 911 in dangerous situation and or when in imminent danger
  • Once an Alert is initiated , the user can share their live video, location and communicate to one or more system administrators simultaneously
  • A Panic Alert can offer the user a true sense of security and personal engagement in their own safety and security of those close to them
  • Users may broadcast an Alert anonymously. No Identifying details will be transmitted.

Flexibility in Deploying the iFollow Cloud-Based Control Hub

The iFollow Control Hub offers all the flexibility of a platform which was designed with the specific needs of each organization:

  • Flexible Deployment: Cloud Based Admin functionality available via; web-based, mobile and on dedicated IOS/Android App
  • Administrator may appoint an unlimited number of Sub-Administrators
  • Administrator has option to add, edit and delete sub-administrators and app users
  • Automatic Sub-Admin scheduler
  • Notification System activated at the Administrator’s discretion

Collaborate in Times of Crisis via Mass Notifications

  • Empower users with 1-click Mass Crisis Notifications
  • Transmit text & Images for identification transparency
  • Utilize and implement notifications, without ever leaving the iFollow ecosystem
  • Effortlessly transmit 1 or 1 million Notifications simultaneously
  • Notifications are time & date stamped for future reference
  • Notifications