Broadcast Live Video, Location and Initiate 2-Way-Chat to System Administrators

Using A Panic Alert

Should the student or faculty member observe anything suspicious they simply issue an alert from the app. The alert which includes their “location(real-time map) ”, “live streaming video” and a “custom message”(example: Im locked in room 496-gunfire in hallway) is instantly transmitted to the administrator.

A Panic Alert should be used in scenarios which the student/faculty feels imminent danger.

Possible scenarios might range from an active shooter, to a student feeling uncomfortable walking themselves through campus after school hours, and require a […]

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When To Initiate a Panic Alert

Whenever the Student feels a sense of urgency. That can encompass the urgency of an “Active Shooter Situation”, or the less urgent setting such as a student walking back to the dorm and noticing a stranger stalking them. The student initiates a Safewalk and gets a virtual live escort watching their every step until they arrive to a safe area on campus.

Transmit Live Video of The incident as It Unfolds
Transmit Student Location
Initiate communication via 2 Way Chat

Administrative Control Hub

An End to End Eco-System which incorporates a Control Center Admin thats compatible with any web browser or Smartphone platform. Here, the school administrator will receive and analyze all real-time data transmitted from the user(s), and take appropriate action as the situation unfolds.

The Control Hub retains all details including video, user profile and location, which may be used as evidence at a later date

Using A SafeWalk

The Safewalk function does not involve the school administrator, rather the students alert is transmitted to the personal contacts pre-determined by the student. This is different than a “Student Watch”, In that with the “Student Watch”, contacts are determined by the administrator.

Here, the student can enter up to 25 contacts of their own choosing. Should the student find themselves in a compromising or dangerous situation they can use this function, which works in the same manner as a “Student Watch”, […]

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In Parkland, a miscommunication leads to a 20 minute delay

The “communication failure” led police to believe they were tracking the shooter in real time, when in fact they were seeing footage from 20 minutes earlier, the chief said.
Cruz had already killed 17 and fled.

A single intruder cannot pose a direct threat to an entire facility at once.
If faculty and students are aware that a shooter is in the cafeteria, securing students in classrooms may well be the best response

Virginia Tech panel Slams Staff For Poor Communication
Among the more than 70 recommendations issued,train students and staff annually in how to respond to an emergency, and share information more quickly during an emergency