How flexible is the programs functionality ?

Every School system works differently. iFollow Crisis Alert system has been in development for over 11 months, and now ready to roll out throughout the country. This means not much is “written in stone” and offers early adopters the ability to have certain functionality which is made just for them.

Is our user’s information safe?

The iFollow App, Administrative interface and database are all securely hosted on Amazon Secure Servers. The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers.

What is the implementation period?

Many factors will dictate the implementation period. We are dependent on the schools administration and how accessible they can be, as well as the scope of users. We anticipate that the program would be ready to implement and begin training in 4-5 weeks from finalizing a contract. Thereafter allow 2-3 weeks for beta testing and continued training if required.

What support can we expect from the iFollow Team?

We offer continued updates to the iFollow program. Most updates, unless customized for a particular organizations are included in the ongoing maintenance of the iFollow program. In fact, as we roll out this current version , we are already working on future updates. We will offer support on call before, during and after normal business hours . We recognize the need to have a security related product up and ready to roll at a moments notice. There is no room for downtime!

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