Campus Alerts

Why Your School or University Needs the iFollow Faculty Alert and Virtual Escort Monitoring Program:

  • Intruder On Campus grounds
  • Weather Emergency-Tornadoes, Tree’s down, etc..
  • Hallway/Classroom Agitation- Fights among students and or faculty
  • Campus Lock-down- Immediately notify faculty to remain in a contained area and lock doors.
  • Maintain real time communication with faculty and students, as a virtual escort

  • – Notify staff, faculty and authorities of emergencies
  • – Issue severe weather alerts and closures
  • – Broadcast public health warnings
  • – Enable staff and faculty to report their status
  • – Alert staff of critical outages (IT, phone lines,etc.)

  • – Schedule changes and closures
  • – Policy changes and updates
  • – School events and newsletters
  • – Faculty notices and updates
  • – School closure reminders
  • – Attendance reporting to administrators


Virtual Panic Button access for every staff and faculty member
Faculty instantly notifies one or more administrators of a crisis situation as it unfolds
Employees instantly transmit their profile, real-time video, location and initiate two-way communication with school administrators
Option for staff to initiate a Tip Report anonymously. This has shown to increase compliance by almost 25%
A school may assign multiple school administrators with varying access rights to monitor incoming alerts.
Administrators can transmit Mass Notifications as the situations warrants. Notifications appear on employees devices as Notifications or an SMS.